NFL Jabber 5/31/07

From the sounds of it, The Law has more witnesses stepping forward confirming that Mike Vick’s dogs are competing for more than Best in Show. That is the way they word it anyway.

Chad Johnson is going to be running for a good cause…against a horse.

Cincinnati Bengals all-pro wide receiver Chad Johnson will race a horse at River Downs in Cincinnati, Ohio on Belmont Stakes Day, June 9, as a fund-raiser for Feed the Children, an Oklahoma City-based charity that provides food, medicine, clothing, and other necessities to children around the world. The race, billed as “man vs. beast,” will be held on the turf course, with Johnson starting at the sixteenth pole and the horse, Restore the Roar, starting at the eighth pole.

400 plus touches is not enough for Larry Johnson in a season. They want to use him more catching the ball in 2007 as well (41 catches in 2006).

“That’s the next step in his development as a running back in this league: His ability to come out of the backfield running routes,” Edwards said. “We need to get the ball to our backs a little more than we did last year.”

Joey Porter got his fine from the court but it still waiting to hear from the NFL jacking of Levi.

The Cards could start chopping heads this week to make cap space room for the rookies.

Jake Delhomme is pleased with what he can see in the new Panthers offense.

Cecil Sapp is joining the Running Back rotation in Denver.

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