NFL Jabber 5/30/07

Cam Cameron and Randy Mueller are priding themselves with giving second chances…(Sorry Ricky, all the “Chance” cards are gone for you).

The Fins gave Cleo Lemon $1.3 Million.

.We know it is a version of sitting in a corner with a dunce hat on at the most but Braylon Edwards got to practice with the 3rd team for playing hooky.

Yep, Pete Prisco said it…J.P. Losman-Star QB.

Realfootball365 seems to think this may be Losman’s year as well.

The Colts are feeling the turnover reality of the NFL. Only 11 remain from when Dungy took the team over.

The Panthers have kicked off minicamp.

The Texans are trying some new things at Free Saftey.

“They all have to improve at getting turnovers,” defensive backs coach Jon Hoke said. “We have not been very good at that. With Glenn and C.C., you have two guys that are physical guys and can tackle and will hit people and those types of things. But they both understand we need to find ways to get our hands on the ball and create more turnovers.”

Word is the union of Jeff Garcia and Jon Gruden has been in the works for a while according to Garcia’s Daddy.

“This has been in the works for three years,” said Garcia’s father, Bob, a former junior-college football coach. “There was always something in the way. The money. The salary cap. This and that.

“Now Jeff has the opportunity he always wanted, to play for this coach. I can’t wait. As far as I’m concerned, I say, ‘It’s about time.’ “

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