NFL Jabber 5/4/07

With Matt Hasselbeck still on the mend, Seneca Wallace and David Green will get the reps in minicamp.

The Titans first rounder, Michael Griffen, will be moving from Safety to CB.

After what some think the best draft in the league, the Browns stay at work with rookie free agents. They are bringing in nine of them.

The Cards could top that as they look to bring in 20.

The Bengals will have 14 at minicamp.

Greg Ellis isn’t a fan of the 1st round pick of the Cowboys.

“This was not some generic thing — the guy came to my house,” the Cowboys linebacker said. “It’s the next step. Everybody’s assuming I’m gone.”

As hard as the Chiefs try to replace him, Eddie Kennison just won’t go away.

Cam Inman of the Contra Costa Times has some sour grapes about Randy Moss. He thinks it won’t be such a steal for the Pats come playoff time…at elast they will have to worry about playoff time, right?

Yes folks, Curtis Martin is still in the league

Roy Williams and Mike Furrey went to bat telling the Lions they wanted Calvin Johnson.

The Packers are one of the teams looking into Keyshawn Johnson.

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