Mandatory Brady Quinn post

Ironic, Brady Quinn has become the talk of the draft because he wasn’t a top pick. Had he went even at #9 to the Dolphins he wouldn’t be the story today. Because he fell to the other side of round one, the Browns #1 pick, Joe Thomas, will be second on the headlines for the team.

After yesterday Brady Quinn likely wishes he had left a “Gone Fishing” sign on his door like his new teammate Thomas. It was actually a little uncomfortable to watch after a while. The media praised his composure as he fell past the Browns…then the Vikings…then came the #9 pick. You could see in this kids eyes that he KNEW he was going to Miami. He and Suzy Kolber were chatting before that like it was just formality to wait until the pick came up.

I wish I had a count of the dropped jaws when the Dolphins picked Ted Ginn. Quinn appeared like the sensitive kid who thought he was accepted into the “in” crowd only to be ignored when everyone leaves for the party. Despite the forced smile you could see that he was crushed. Each pick had his girlfriend seeing shopping sprees disappear before her eyes.

I don’t look too far into the fact that he kept slipping after #9, that is a non-story in my eyes. Teams just did not need a QB. Once the trades started happening it was obvious that one of the teams at the top of the order would trade up sooner or later.

Another bit of irony. When the Commish allowed Brady and his family to get out of the greenroom and away from the cameras, ESPN continually pointed attention to it. Trying to sound sympathetic to his situation, they continually drew attention to the fact that his situation is “embarrassing.” Showing the empty table, repeatedly saying he was in with the Commish to escape the cameras (“But he can’t escape us talking about him….BAHAHAHAHA…”). They should have acknowledged it and then left it be if they were sympathetic. I found it classless that they continually brought it up. And who did Suzy Kolber have to kiss to get in there?

I said some time ago that I though that Brady Quinn would be the Matt Leinhart of this draft, dropping further than most thought. There was no guessing it would be that far, but as mentioned before, it’s not a surprise after #9 given the teams needs at QB.

Strange, I became a Brady Quinn fan yesterday. I’m kind of ashamed to say that yesterday morning I wanted to see him fall. Media hype tends to turn me off. I have always pulled for the underdog and as the picks went by and they showed his face, the golden boy was becoming an underdog. I really wish that Quinn had the “I’m going to make them pay for passing on me” in him but I don’t think he does.

A message was sent to future prospects invited to the draft. Where do you want to be on draft day?

brady-bus.jpg NFL20Draft20Football20d7d775c4-8bbb.jpg

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