NFL Jabber 4/28/07-Draft Day

The best move for the Lions could be to grab Calvin Johnson if he is there at #2 and look for teams to make offers that want him. Worst thing that could happen is they end up with the best player in the draft.

It’s reported the 49′ers are close to a deal for Seahawks WR Darrell Jackson.

The Titans are kicking up the effort to snag Chargers RB Michael Turner today.

“On Friday the Titans and Chargers discussed scenarios including a swap of first-round picks today, with the Titans also giving up a fourth-round pick. The Titans are scheduled to pick 19th overall, the Chargers 30th.

But the Titans might have competition for Turner. ESPN reported an unidentified team offered San Diego a first-round pick in the 2008 draft, and that the Chargers thought it was an acceptable offer.”

Unless that trade for Lance Briggs goes through, the Redskins are expected to stay where they are at #6, which is a pretty good spot to be in considering their needs.

The Cowboys seem content where they are but are in a good position to make a move up or down.

The Seahawks are looking at going “Best Player Available” today.

How he plays on Saturdays, how he performs in big games, how he performs against higher-level competition, that is really what matters most,” vice president of player personnel Ruston Webster said this week. “The guy’s résumé is the film.”

The trade talks of Kris Jenkins going from the Panthers to the Rams looks like it will come down to the wire if it happens on draft day.

The Lions are in a great position to stay where they are or move back. either way, they will get a player that can make an immediate impact.

Dolphins GM Randy Mueller will move up to get Brady Quinn or back if he is gone according to Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald.

The Vikings are picking at #7 for the fourth time in six years.

Because of the breakout season by Saints WR Marques Colston, the later rounds may be found more interesting for some people this weekend. Common headlines this year have included “Small School Sleepers.”

The Texans are looking for immediate help and shouldn’t have a problem getting it where they sit.

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