More NFL Jabber 4/26/07

The Saints have locked up tagged DE Charles Grant.

The Colts have lost both of their starting CB’s from the Super Bowl run. Nick Harper is a Titan and now Jason David is a Saint.

Browns GM Phil Savage is not scared of what the media calls “Damaged Goods” (AKA Adrian Peterson).

The Ravens could be looking for the guy that comes in at QB when they are done with Steve McNair.

With Steve McNair projected to be the starter for the next two seasons, the Ravens are looking at developing one of the second-tier quarterbacks that includes Houston’s Kevin Kolb, Stanford’s Trent Edwards, Michigan State’s Drew Stanton and Brigham Young’s John Beck.”

Daunte Culpepper is asking that the Dolphins let him know their intentions now.

”Since I am a player/agent and there are discussions about my career taking place, I expect to be included in those discussions sooner rather than later,” he said in a statement e-mailed to The Miami Herald. ‘As it pertains to being traded or released, I don’t get to make that call so I will await the Dolphins’ decision.

“I am sure that they will do what is in the best interest of the team. While those decisions are being made, I am continuing to do everything I can to prepare to play at the level of expectations of the Dolphins [if they keep me], the NFL fans, and most importantly myself. Until this week, it never entered my mind that I wouldn’t be the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins this coming season.”

Trent Green’s agent, Jim Steiner, wants to know where his guys stands as well. Steiner may be trying to bully the Chiefs into a trade with the Dolphins…

“If it goes past draft day, then I think eventually the Chiefs will be in a position where they have to release Trent Green,” Steiner said. While that has been speculated in the media for weeks, Steiner’s words amount to a threat to Kansas City president Carl Peterson.

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