NFL Jabber 4/16/07

Jim Thomas of The St. Louis Post-Dispatch goes out on a limb today and says that either Brady Quinn or JaMarcus Russell will be the first QB taken. Seriously! Is this guy nuts? Is he not aware of University of Dubuque Jr. Jermar Jackson? I’ll go out on a limb and say that Joe Thomas will be one of the first O-Linemen taken…see, I could work for the Post-Dispatch.

The Chiefs are in a position they have not been in for 14 years…looking for a Guard on the right side. Will Shields is hanging them up.

Talks are STILL dragging on regarding a trade for Trent Green to the Dolphins. Guys he is getting older everyday…

Cedric Griffen was arrested for not bringing enough candy for the whole class (or something like that) at the “Spin” club in Minneapolis early this morning…

What would have been if the Eagles would have called tails and picked Akli Smith instead of Donavan McNabb? Michael David Smith takes a look at that gem of a QB class in 1999.

The Washington Post continues to take up valuable web space with a Ravens section that has been updated twice since March 10th.

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