If I could watch one game a week Part I

Ahhh, the NFL schedule release. The time when we football fans can visualize the upcoming season…almost touch that it’s real. So as the mandatory move of anyone who puts sports print on the net I’m going to go through and list my “must see” games. If I could watch one game per week (that is not just my team) these would be the games at this point. If I had to set my DVR now, this would be the list…

Week 1

The Super Bowl that should have been. The Saints will head north to face the defending Champion Colts. This game is likely going to be the hardest game of the season for the Saints. I say likely because I don’t like the look of going to Chicago in week 17…brrrr.

Anyway, you have the Super Bowl Champions playing their first home game against the team that everyone wanted to see succeed last year, (If you didn’t your a Falcon, Buc, Panther, fan or just plain evil.) Time for the Saints to show if they are for real or not and they have the national stage in the first game of the season.

My early pick: As much as I would like to see the Saints win, it’s not often the Colts start the season with a loss. Colts

Week 2

San Diego and New England ended on a sour note in the playoffs. You know things are bad when the soft spoken class act LT says that your classless you should step back and take a look at yourself. Here is the chance for the Chargers to show if they can get mean.

Another interesting thing to watch here is how all the offseason moves of the Patriots translates to the field.

My early pick: Chargers…want to see them win, think they will win.

Week 3

Reggie Bush vs. Vince Young. Texans fans have to cringe watching this game. The two that got away. This game has excitement written all over it. These two have faced off in the Heisman race, NCAA Championship and now the NFL stage.

The Titans had some momentum rolling at the end of 2006. By now, three weeks in to the season we will have an idea if they still have it going.

My early pick: Saints will have too much for the Titans D.

Week 4
Seattle at San Francisco

This isn’t the most attractive game on the schedule. The reason I have this as my game to watch is because I feel that the 49′ers are going to make the move to unseat the Seahawks as the sure thing in the NFC West.

This game can be telling as to which way the NFC West begins to take shape.

My early pick: I’m going to say that the Niners may not win the division but are going to start people taking by taking this game.

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