Adrian Peterson to the Fins at #9?

I have to say that The Arizona Republic is one of the better NFL loving papers in the country. In my daily browsing I have often thought about how they and The Houston Chronicle are always on top of things year round.

This leads me to wonder how they got this guy, McManaman. His Mock is pretty much routine along with other mocks up until pick #9. Adrian Peterson to the Dolphins. Logic? Ronnie Brown is the RB with experience. I’m scratching my head here. That makes as much sense as when my wife tries to tell me it’s her turn to get on the computer. 1st…your talking about bringing in a rookie to a position you say lacks experience. There are still going to be plenty of vets available that can serve as a backup to Brown. There are later rounds in the draft if you want to bring in another “experienced” rookie. I just don’t see the Dolphins taking another RB in the top 10 in two years time.

If the Fins take Peterson I will sign off each post in the Bloghouse with “I am Bob McManaman’s Bitch” until the draft of 2008 linking to this article.

Bob McManaman’s 2007 Mock Draft

The Arizona Republic
Apr. 5, 2007 04:43 PM
9. Dolphins Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma.
Ronnie Brown is the only running back with any real experience on the roster, and although Ricky Williams has begun the process to seek reinstatement by the NFL, the Dolphins would be foolish to pass on Peterson if he drops this far. They might go in a completely different direction, however, depending on how they decide to shore up their quarterback situation and because of some thin ranks on the offensive line.

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