West Virgina to blame for NFL’s bad seeds?

Afterall, Pacman and Chris Henry were teammates there. They have both had careers blossom into mugshots and charges.

Naw….I just thought that was an interesting coincidence. Pacman and Henry went to the Principles office four their scolding today. Actually, it was not at the NFL offices which was funny because six camera crews camped out there to get some footage and came up empty.

Chris Henry has been a team player. He and his Bengal pals (eight others) all work hard at getting busted.

“It went pretty good, to have the chance to meet the commissioner face to face,” Henry told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “I just wanted to explain my situation to the commissioner and move on. I told him I was learning from my mistakes and how to handle myself in a better manner.”

Pacman is out to show he can carry the Titans rap sheet on his shoulders

Since being drafted in April 2005, Jones has been arrested five times and questioned by police in 10 episodes. Last week, Las Vegas police recommended he be charged with a felony and two misdemeanors for his role in a Feb. 19 strip club fight that led to a triple shooting.

Now the kids have to wait a few weeks to see what the Commish is going to rule. My money is on Jones to do something stupid in that time frame.

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