Draft Focus/Brady Quinn

Brady Quinn
QB, Notre Dame
6-3 3/4-232
40-Did not run at combine…4.82 and 4.73 at Pro Day 3/22/07
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Brady Quinn had a 57.8% completion percentage, 95 TD’s to 39 INT’s as a four -year starter at Notre Dame. He holds countless passing records at the school as he heads into the NFL draft. Going into the 2006 season he was touted as the Golden Boy of college football. The Irish were ranked #3 in the preseason by USA today and the A.P. poll. Quinn was one of the favorites for the Heisman. The season ended with critics wondering if Quinn could win “The Big Game” with back to back loses to rival USC and to LSU in the Sugar Bowl (where Quinn was shown up by draft rival JaMarcus Russell). Quinn had his worst showing of the season in the game going 15 of 35 for 149 yards, 2 each on picks and TD’s. The Irish were called the most overrated team in college football and many questioned if they should have even been in a BCS game.

Quinn has been labeled as this years QB that is most ready for the Pro’s, this years version of Matt Leinhart. His experience in the Pro system used at Notre Dame is a big plus. He has prototypical QB size for the NFL and his strength makes him hard to bring down. Intelligent and durable. Quinn has shown that he can scramble as needed. he does not have the freak speed or arm you see in the QB’s that get talked up but is going to be a top pro QB.

Accuracy has been an issue at times but has improved over the years. Some fear that he may have been a product of the system the Irish use. he did not live up to the hype of his senior season. going 0-4 against rival USC will haunt him for years.

Quinn is compared to Tom Brady. Could be because of the Weis system.

His first Pro Day he did not run because of his knee. He did however throw up 225 lbs on the bench press for 24 reps.

“We threw everything people wanted to see,” Irish coach
Charlie Weis said. “We put him through every throw that any NFL
organization would want to see — from moving in the pocket, to
moving from the pocket, to three-step, to five-step to seven-step.
I think now they have enough information to make a critical
evaluation, if they didn’t have enough on tape already.”

Vikings Coach Brad Chidress was one of the spectators.

“Really, he made more throws here than you’d think about making
at the combine,” Childress said. “I think he threw about 60 balls
here today and it takes a little bit of endurance to be able to do
that and he did it pretty rapid-fire succession.”

Who wants Brady Quinn? Quinn is all over the board bu should not fall far. That was likely said about Matt Leinhart last year as well though. The Raiders are at #1 and although all signs point to JaMarcus Russell or Calvin Johnson, you never know. Most speculation points to the Lions at #2. Then there is the Browns and Vikings. There may be some movement up the ladder in however wants him the most. The Dolphins have been in the mix of rumors as well but appear now to be focused on Trent Green and David Carr.

Fantasy Outlook: Quinn can have an immediate fantasy impact if he goes anywhere other than Oakland. He will likely fly off the board in the first 4-5 picks in Dynasty drafts. In re-draft leagues he will make a nice bye week filler or injury replacement if he is his teams starter. Could prove to be quite the sleeper mid to late season.

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