NFL Jabber 3/20/07

There was an alleged rape at the home of Patrick Kerney. Kerney is not a suspect in the case, the alleged victim is a friend of his. Saeed Ahmed of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the woman and some friends got a ride home (she said Kerney’s home was her own) from a bar from three men. After falling asleep she awoke to find one of the men raping her. She had the perfect idea to escape from a pervert by telling him that she was going to get a friend to join them.

The Packers have to fill a void at RB. Kevan Barlow’ name is coming up (yikes). Perfect scenario would to get a stud in the draft but those are shallow at the RB position this year. Barlow’s agent, Doug Hendrickson wants to remind people of that.

“There are two good backs (Oklahoma’s Adrian Peterson and California’s Marshawn Lynch) in the draft,” Hendrickson said. “There’s more maybe later on Day 1 or Day 2. But really, there are two good backs, and the rest are marginal, at best.”

Jacksonville safety Gerald Sensabaugh is contributing to the Jags rise on the Turd Alert. reports he was charged with having a loaded gun in his vehicle.
I don’t know if it is racial profiling or just Tennessee but where I come from, they ask us if we have been drinking, not if we are packing.

The police department report said the radar indicated he was driving his 2006 BMW 84 mph in a 55-mph zone. The officer asked whether there were any firearms in the vehicle and was told yes but he did not have a carry permit, the incident report said.”

It’s the time of year again to talk about reworking the overtime system in the NFL.

Arizona has next years Super Bowl but is already looking ahead to 2011.

The Lions Damien Woody has dropped 31 pounds since the Super Bowl in his attempt to get under the 335 lb. limit set by the team for the offseason.

The Fins and Trent Green’s people are still talking about a possible trade.

New Steelers coach Mike Tomlin met with his team for the first time yesterday.

“He laid down the law,” wide receiver Cedrick Wilson said.

“He stepped in and kind of laid down the law a little bit, like, ‘Hey guys it’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable but as soon as we can get over that it’s going to be better for all of us.’ The guys worked hard today, on the field and also in the weight room, and I look for the same thing tomorrow.”

Despite the departure of Norv Turner in San Fran, his system is sticking around. Good news for QB Alex Smith.

“I look forward to year two in an offense. It’s been awhile since I have had that opportunity,” said Smith, who has played in three different offensive systems the past three years dating to his final college season. “That’s how you get to be a successful offense and win divisions and win championships. The Indianapolis Colts are the epitome of that. You look at their offense and they’ve been together for nine years.”

LB Chris Draft has joined the Rams.

“We didn’t promise him anything when it came to the position,” coach Scott Linehan said. “But he’s a proven player who has come in and played at a high level when he’s been called upon to start. Certainly we’re going to play the best 11 players on defense.”

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