NFL Jabber 3/19/07

Had the Giants not used the “buy-back” option on Eli, he would have been a free agent after 2007.

Bobby Petrino gets to have a look at his first Pro Team today.

Rumor has it the Vikings are interested in Trent Green.

Michael Felger at The Boston Herald thinks that Troy Brown should be brought back. TINO thinks that WR corps is getting a little crowded for that to happen.

There are still plenty of Free Agents left out there. Here is a sample of some of the top names still available.

Matt Schaub/RFA
Drew Bledsoe/UFA
Aaron Brooks/UFA

Running Back
Michael Turner,/RFA
Corey Dillon/UFA
Chris Brown/UFA

Wide Receiver
D.J. Hackett/RFA
Eric Moulds/UFA
Antonio Bryant/UFA

Tight End
Jerramy Stevens/UFA
Erron Kinney/UFA
Marcus Pollard/UFA

Trey Teague/UFA
Nick Leckey/RFA
Grey Ruegamer/UFA

Zach Piller/UFA
Ruben Brown/UFA
Cooper Carlisle/UFA

Offensive Tackle
Sean Locklear/RFA
Jacob Bell/RFA
Max Starks/RFA

Defensive End
Jared Allen/RFA
Grant Wistrom/UFA
Bobby McCray/RFA

Defensive Tackle
Ian Scott/UFA
Montae Reagor/UFA
James Reed/UFA

Inside/Middle Linebacker
Kawika Mitchell/UFA
Ed Hartwell/UFA
Peter Sirmon/UFA

Outside Linebacker
Lance Briggs/UFA (franchise player)
Demorrio Williams/RFA
Tommy Polley/UFA

Gibril Wilson/RFA
Ken Hamlin/UFA
Shaun Williams/UFA

Tory James/UFA
David Macklin/UFA
Lenny Walls/UFA

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