NFL Jabber 3/12/07

Bobby Petrino would like to revamp the O-line with bigger bodies but they don’t have the cash in Atlanta.

“We want to change the body type of our linemen but we have to do that over time,” Falcons president and general manager Rich McKay said. “You can’t do that overnight unless you are willing to invest, truly, an inordinate amount of money in free agency and that, as a lot of teams have learned, comes with great risk.”

The Packers players are sitting and watching as Ted Thompson does nothing in free agency. Mike McCarthy says they are more worried about building through the draft.

The New York Post has a headline mentioning the New York Giants interest in Cato June. They then proceed to discuss how there has been no talks and little interest from the Giants.

Eagles made an offer to young Cowboys LB Ryan Fowler. Cowboys have a week to match.

Terry Foster at thinks that with the moves the Lions are making, Matt Millen is not making the decisions.

The Vikings have a few guys they are watching with the Bears Ian Scott topping the list.

Donte Stallworth’s deal with the Pats can go anywhere from $3.6 million to $33 million.

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