More NFL Jabber 3/8/07

The fan that won the bidding on Mike Ditka’s NFC Championship ring from 1975 was presented the jewel. The $12,000 goes to former NFL players in need. “If people like Gene Upshaw (NFLPA executive director) would wake up and the NFL owners and the commissioner would wake up and right a wrong, that’s all we’re saying. A lot of guys out there right now need help and they don’t know how to find the help,” Ditka said.

Apparently the Titans did not know of two arrests of Pacman Jones in Georgia last year. How the hell do you not know your player gets arrested twice? Anyway, they can use this to suspend him.

The Cards have given Saftey Terrence Holt a five year deal.

The Bills get three draft picks from the Ravens for Willis McGahee. “We’re getting a dynamic back who has the potential to diversify our running game,” Ravens coach Brian Billick said.

A year after drafting two respected TE’s, the Rams signed Randy McMichael. ”I’m excited,” McMichael said. “I made a special bond with Scott when he was in Miami. I talked just to him and he’s excited, too. I think this is going to escalate my numbers to another level.”

Joey Porter is taking shots already. Says he may have stayed a Steeler if Cower had stayed.

All eyes are on LenDale White now in Tennessee. White said, “They drafted me and wanted me to come in and be the guy and now that Travis is gone it looks like I’ll be the man. This is an opportunity to really showcase what I can do and I am really excited about it.”

Jamal Lewis sights the Browns commitment to the running game as his reason for signing…like they aired it out a lot in Baltimore. “The Browns have made some good additions to the offensive line and they are committed to making more,” Lewis said. “I think they’re going to give me the carries I need. I knew it wasn’t going to happen in Baltimore. Their profile seems to be they’re wanting to be a passing team.”

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