A Little More NFL Jabber 3/7/07

Joe Horn is going east to the rival Falcons where he will get to play the Saints twice a year.

Another Saint, although used little, LB Danny Clark is going to Houston. The Falcons also boosted their secondary with CB Lewis Sanders.

Thomas Jones gone…Briggs wants out. What’s going on in Chicago Jerry? “I know on the outside it looks like we want to dismantle the team,” Angelo said during a conference call with reporters Tuesday. “It has nothing to do with that. We want to keep this the best possible football team that we can. And that’s what we’re trying to do.”

Long time Packer William Henderson got the boot today.

The Panthers backup QB search is currently targeted on Patrick Ramsey.

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2 Responses to “A Little More NFL Jabber 3/7/07”

  1. Eric Says:

    Hey man, my name is Eric, I run The Sportsmaster 8000 and I just wanted to say thanks man. I’m always down for positive feedback. Us bloggers have to stick together so I’m more than happy to add your link to my page. We’ll have to do some collaborating some time, help both our sites. I like your format and I can tell you’re dedicated by how often you post. Here’s to some solid blogging. I’ll talk to you later

  2. Lee Says:

    Not a problem Eric.

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