Briggs doesn’t want to play TAG.

Lance Briggs doesn’t want to play tag with the Bears. Now he wants to be traded with seeing everyone getting paid right now. Talk is about all it is because I don’t feel the Bears will cave. He is going to have to “do everything” in his power, including sitting out, to not play for the Bears to keep his word here.

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Bears linebacker
Lance Briggs, apparently frustrated by all the millions of dollars that guys not
named Lance Briggs are getting on the open market, wants out of Chicago.

“There’s a difference between
the Chicago Bears team and the Chicago Bears organization,” Briggs told “The Chicago Bears team? The coaches, players, city and
fans? Yeah, I could stay there forever. I love it. But the
Chicago Bears organization? I
don’t want to be there anymore.
I won’t play for them and I’ll do
everything in my power to keep from playing there.”

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