NFL Jabber 3/4/07

The Seahawks feel like the guy who is just about to score with the hot chick in school then she goes back to her old boyfriend. (Translated-Stud Guard Kris Dielman decided to stay in San Diego).

In Atlanta the fans want Georgia Tech WR Calvin Johnson in the draft. Meanwhile the falcons signed Cincy LB Marcus Whilkens to the 3 year deal.

Derrick Dockery signed the biggest deal in Bills history, 7 years, $49 million.

The Texans missed out on Jeff Garcia but extended the contract of Andre Johnson, clearing $6 million of cap space in the process.

The Saints are thinking defense in Free Agency this year. They have visited LB Brian Simmons and have Safeties Ken Hamlin and Deon Grant on their way to chat. At home they have kept tackle Jon Stinchomb with a two-year deal.

When Travis Henry got the boot from the Titans, he stole some of Ahman Green’s thunder as the top free agent RB out there.

Dennis Northcut is moving to Jacksonville.

London Fletcher is officially going to be a Redskin, beefing up that D. Fred Smoot is returning to Washington.

Terry Glenn is staying in Dallas.

The Rams get the number one receiver from the Titans to be their number three receiver. Drew Bennett is now the guy that could be on your nickle back and safeties when you play the Rams.

Marcel Shipp is going to be staying with the Cards.

Talk continues about Randy Moss to the Packers.

Ashley Lelie in San Fran? They did give the boot to Bryant, so why not.

The Browns continue their hunt with LB Antwan Peek coming aboard.

The Dolphins get a sixth rounder for Dan Wilkinson from the Broncos.

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