Jenna Jamison to host Lingerie Bowl V

This was originally posted at the first bloghouse but I thought it was newsworthy enough to come over here. Since this article I have become a fan of the game.

Following the link back to the old Bloghouse you can view the video of the Lingerie Bowl III game. Sweaty women…gotta love it!

Jenna Jameson to host Lingerie Bowl V

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How has this been going on for four years and I don’t know about? Well, I don’t live in LA for one. That is where the Lingerie Bowl has been played. In 2007 it’s going to be played in the Super Bowl’s host city. Accomplished actress, Jenna Jamison…
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…will host the game. “

The edgy game has sold out the Coliseum and drawn an estimated 58 million viewers on TV.” This is a Haltime Show people!

According the article in the Arizona Republic, there is a league of these women that have been around for a while. “The Lingerie Football League consists of a western and eastern
conference, each with two 13-member teams: Los Angeles Temptations,
Dallas Desire, New York Euphoria and Chicago Bliss.

By 2009, expansion teams are planned in San Francisco, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Miami.”

Lingerie Bowl III

I’m thinking that this league needs to be investigated further. I will let you know what turns up!

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