More On Plummer

PFT feels it may be a ploy with the retirement talk.

p.m. EST, March 2, 2007


There’s talk/speculation/ in
league circles that Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer is using the retirement
card as a ploy to get traded to Houston.

Though there was a report a week
ago out of Denver that Plummer could pack it in, there was no hard evidence that
he might quit until after news broke that Plummer would be traded to the Bucs
for a fourth-round pick.

If Plummer retires, he’d
potentially owe the team the portion of any signing bonus that applies to the
three remaining years of his contract. And the Broncos have a history of
playing hardball in matters of this nature — just ask Dale Carter, Daryl
Gardener, Eddie Kennison, and Ashley Lelie.

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