Top 50 Fantasy Football Linebacker Rankings

Linebacker. The meat of your Individual Defensive Players in an IDP Fantasy Football Dynasty League. Our own Dudley Dooright from up north, TJ Ford, has submitted the first batch of IDP rankings for 2009 for Football Jabber. Here is a peek at some of the rankings with commentary…

#1 Patrick Willis (3-4 ILB), 49ers-

“No question here. Willis is the top dog among LBs, this guy can single handedly win games for you with astronomical tackle stats as well as big play potential.”

#6 Karlos Dansby (4-3 WLB/3-4 ILB), Cardinals-

“Always a big play LB that has improved his solo tackles steadily over the past three years. Dansby is arguably became the best defensive player on his team over safety Adrian Wilson. Dansby will once again be the focal point of a great attacking defense centered on big plays and turnovers.”

#11 Curtis Lofton (4-3 MLB), Falcons-

“I’m projecting a big jump for this guy and before you guys start writing your homer accusations in the comments, hear me out. Curtis Lofton led the league in points scored per defensive snap. The only thing that held him back was his limited snaps. This year will be different with Keith Brooking and Michael Boley gone. Lofton will be a 3-down LB and will have the stats to back it up.”

#26 James Laurinaitis (4-3 MLB), Rams-

“The Rams Mike job has top 10 potential but Chris Draft is still running with the ones in OTAs. Little Animal needs to step up, take the job and show he can perform.”

#33 Nick Barnett (3-4 ILB), Packers-

“How the mighty have fallen. Barnett was a consensus top 10 LB last year but a ripped up knee and a position change to the Ted backer in Dom Capers 3-4 defense have reduced him to a LB3.”

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Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings

Getting a little bit of a slow start this year on the fantasy football dynasty rankings, but a start indeed.  We know that many Dynasty Leagues have their drafts earlier in the spring, riding the wave that is the NFL Draft after the football season.  There are still the patient that are yet to draft, and trades to be made.  You can find the QB Dynasty Rankings HERE.  Let’s have a look at where some players landed…

Note The Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings take into consideration starting status as you are drafting for a Fantasy Football Dynasty League now as well as the next three years.  You are in your Dynasty League for at least that long , right?

#1.  Drew Brees: That’s right folks.  Until proven otherwise there is a new sheriff in Fantasy Football QB Dynasty town, and his name is Drew Brees.  Yes, Tom Brady will be back this year…but he isn’t back yet.  Peyton Manning is consistent but will face some changes now and has not finished as the top fantasy back in years.  Brees is clicking and it appears it will keep clicking for at elast the next couple of years.

#7 Jay Cutler/#8 Matt Ryan: This is an interesting spot.  If there was more than one season to go by and more of a need to pass may have went with Ryan over Cutler here.  Both have a decent running game and should in coming seasons.  Ryan has by far the better group catching the ball but unless they are in a shootout in one of the two games with the Saints may run the ball more.  This will require further debate… VOTE ON WHO YOU WOULD TAKE HERE!

#12 Kurt Warner: What?!?  Kurt Warner way down here?  What a steal, huh?  Well, you have to consider if you want a QB in your dynasty league who may be retired in the next year or two as your top gun.  If you take Warner as your top QB you better spend another pick earlier than usual to have a good prospect behind him.  There are some that would put this too high for Warner but you do want to win right away too, right?

#18 Matt Cassel:  Something just doesn’t sit right with me for Cassel.  I think it’s because he was in a position last season with a lot of talent around him that he will not have in Kansas City.  He very well could prove me wrong.  For now I need a little more proof.  He will fit in as a nice #2 Dynasty QB on your squad.  After about halfway through 2009 you may know what you really have in him.

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NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 QB’s

NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 QB’s

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The interesting thing about this year’s draft class actually has nothing to do with this year. Scouts have lamented over the weakness of the quarterbacks coming out in next year’s draft; artificially inflating the value of this year’s offering. Don’t be surprised to see a QB get taken by a team you didn’t expect. Also, you might see some teams reaching for QBs and mining for gold with late round fliers.

#1 Matt Ryan, Boston College

Many feel he is the most NFL ready of all quarterbacks entering the draft. While I would agree, I don’t believe he is worthy of the top 5 selection he will likely command. Ryan’s pocket presence is by far the best in class but he tends to make poor decisions and force the ball on occasion. That being said, Ryan has the ability to make all of the throws necessary to be a solid NFL starter. Easily the best quarterback available, I’d be surprised if he gets by Atlanta at #3.

#2 Brian Brohm, Louisville

Injuries and poor play late in the season knocked Brohm out from the consensus number 1 QB spot. Brohm is talented enough to make throws many NFL QBs have difficulty making and if given time, he will destroy a defense in ways few can. However, he has difficulty escaping pressure and rarely is able to create outside of the pocket. I think the system of the team Brohm is drafted into will have much to say about his career in the NFL.

#3 Chad Henne, Michigan

I think Chad has done too much to not be considered a top 3 selection this year. His leadership and intangibles are rivaled only by Matt Ryan. He put up an excellent senior bowl and combine. Chad can consistently evade the pass rush and buy extra seconds to make a play. His arm is strong and his throws are accurate. Henne will become a solid starter in the NFL.

#4 Andre Woodson, Kentucky

A poor senior bowl and an injury keeping him out of the combine explain Woodson’s fall. His season at the helm of Kentucky was one to gawk at but questions of consistency and football IQ crept into the fold. However, when healthy, Woodson’s physical tools cannot be questioned. A bit of a project, Woodson should serve a patient team very well.

#5 Joe Flacco, Delaware

Flacco is a bit of an enigma. His size and arm strength are tops in the class but his accuracy and feel for the pocket are sketchy at best. Flacco will be drafted by the third based on physical tools alone but between the quality of his competition and the system run by Delaware, physical tools may be the few things Flacco has over other QBs in the draft. Expect a team looking for a high upside QB like Carolina or Minnesota take a flier on him hoping to strike gold.

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Arena Football Power Rankings | Week 2

Arena Football Power Rankings | Week 2

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The numbers for week one are in and crunched.  We now present our first Arena Football Power Rankings for 2008.  we had some pretty good games on TV this week.  This weekend we can look forward to the #1 Rush to take on #4 Soul in a game that should shake up the rankings for next week on ESPN2.

If you would like to do sort of a Pick’em with a different flava, go over and see our friends at The Fan Yard and get in on the AFL games.

# 1. Chicago
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
The questions about the offensive changes in Chicago were answered and the Defense was solid in what they are calling the best rivalry in Arena Football against the SaberCats.

#2. Dallas
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
Even an injured shoulder couldn’t stop QB Dolezel in the fourth quarter. The D stepped up beyond expectations when needed.

#3. Los Angeles
Record: 1-0
Last week: -
Erase the pick thrown with his first pass and Sunnie Cumby looks like the star we think he is going to be throwing 7 TD’s.

#4.  Philadelphia
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
Tony Graziani was on fire throwing nine TD’s, four to his new favorite target (and old teammate in LA), Chris Jackson.

#5. San Jose
Record: 0-1
Last Week: -
The SaberCats came back from an early 14-0 deficit and went blow for blow with Chicago until the second half. They are far from done regardless of the 0-1 start.

#6. Tampa Bay
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
Tampa takes away a close win on the back of their running game. Yes…running game. Four TD’s for Torrence Marshall.

#6. Tampa Bay
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
Tampa takes away a close win on the back of their running game. Yes…running game. Four TD’s for Torrence Marshall.

#7. Colorado
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
John Dutton spreads the ball around in a close game against Columbus. Bye week in week 2.

#8. Cleveland
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
In it’s first game since moving from Las Vegas, the Gladiators come away with a W. Raymond Philyaw starts the season hot.

#9. Georgia
Record: 0-1
Last Week: -
Looked like they were going to change the game in the fourth quarter but penalties will stack up against you.

#10. Arizona
Record: 1-0
Last Week: -
Eight TD’s out of QB Lang Campbell would seem like enough but it came down to a missed Utah FG to win the game.

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NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 RB’s

NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 RB’s

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I can’t recall in recent memory, a draft that has been so deep in quality runners. While 2006 produced many solid halfbacks, it is my belief that the players who will chosen in the 3rd, 4th and 5th rounds of this draft are of much better talent and have a better shot of becoming legitimate feature backs.

#1 Darren McFadden, Arkansas

Despite what Mike Mayock says, I have difficulty pushing DMac down enough that Mendenhall or Stewart chases him down. Paternity suits and knocks on character aside withstanding, Darren McFadden is still the number one prospect for halfbacks in this draft. His vision, elusiveness and speed will allow him to be a productive NFL runner. Running a 4.27 forty definitely doesn’t hurt.

#2 Rashard Mendenhall, Illinois

Mendenhall has had his praises sung by many a scout over the past couple of weeks. He is described as “the entire package” and that may indeed be true. Mendenhall is about as fast as a 225 pound back can be. His rare mix of size, speed and agility allow him to run by you, dance around you or run you over if he so chooses.

#3 Jonathan Stewart, Oregon

The proverbial bowling ball runner, Stewart is an old school coaches dream. A guy who can pound the ball inside 30 times a game and tire out a defense. Stewart may have lost a position on Mendenhall due to Mendenhall’s great combine but make no mistake; Stewart is strong and runs a quick dash for a 230 pound guy. He is easily first round talent and will not be far behind Mendenhall.

#4 Ray Rice, Rutgers

Rice is a meat-and-potatoes kind of runner. His speed and agility good but not great. His size isn’t the best but he packs a lot of weight onto a smaller frame. What he does excel at is running the ball early and often and getting production. Many compare Rice to Frank Gore; a stocky, compact guy who is fast and agile enough to make you miss and leave you in the dust but also physical enough to take 25 handoffs a game and bruise your linebackers. His durability is unquestionable after taking nearly 1000 handoffs in three years without major injury. He should be a steal for a team in the early to mid second round.

#5 Felix Jones, Arkansas

I was very high on Jones until the combine. When north-south speed and big play ability are your calling card, you can’t run a 4.47 and expect scouts not to be disappointed. A few months aso, many postulated whether McFadden was even the best runningback on his own team. Jones is still a supreme talent but he has question marks. He hasn’t carried a full load at the collegiate level and may have difficulty transitioning into an NFL feature back. I still believe that Jones can bounce back and will be an impact player in the NFL but for now, Rice leapfrogs Jones into the 4th spot.

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