Top 50 Fantasy Football Linebacker Rankings

Linebacker. The meat of your Individual Defensive Players in an IDP Fantasy Football Dynasty League. Our own Dudley Dooright from up north, TJ Ford, has submitted the first batch of IDP rankings for 2009 for Football Jabber. Here is a peek at some of the rankings with commentary…

#1 Patrick Willis (3-4 ILB), 49ers-

“No question here. Willis is the top dog among LBs, this guy can single handedly win games for you with astronomical tackle stats as well as big play potential.”

#6 Karlos Dansby (4-3 WLB/3-4 ILB), Cardinals-

“Always a big play LB that has improved his solo tackles steadily over the past three years. Dansby is arguably became the best defensive player on his team over safety Adrian Wilson. Dansby will once again be the focal point of a great attacking defense centered on big plays and turnovers.”

#11 Curtis Lofton (4-3 MLB), Falcons-

“I’m projecting a big jump for this guy and before you guys start writing your homer accusations in the comments, hear me out. Curtis Lofton led the league in points scored per defensive snap. The only thing that held him back was his limited snaps. This year will be different with Keith Brooking and Michael Boley gone. Lofton will be a 3-down LB and will have the stats to back it up.”

#26 James Laurinaitis (4-3 MLB), Rams-

“The Rams Mike job has top 10 potential but Chris Draft is still running with the ones in OTAs. Little Animal needs to step up, take the job and show he can perform.”

#33 Nick Barnett (3-4 ILB), Packers-

“How the mighty have fallen. Barnett was a consensus top 10 LB last year but a ripped up knee and a position change to the Ted backer in Dom Capers 3-4 defense have reduced him to a LB3.”

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Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings

Getting a little bit of a slow start this year on the fantasy football dynasty rankings, but a start indeed.  We know that many Dynasty Leagues have their drafts earlier in the spring, riding the wave that is the NFL Draft after the football season.  There are still the patient that are yet to draft, and trades to be made.  You can find the QB Dynasty Rankings HERE.  Let’s have a look at where some players landed…

Note The Fantasy Football Dynasty Rankings take into consideration starting status as you are drafting for a Fantasy Football Dynasty League now as well as the next three years.  You are in your Dynasty League for at least that long , right?

#1.  Drew Brees: That’s right folks.  Until proven otherwise there is a new sheriff in Fantasy Football QB Dynasty town, and his name is Drew Brees.  Yes, Tom Brady will be back this year…but he isn’t back yet.  Peyton Manning is consistent but will face some changes now and has not finished as the top fantasy back in years.  Brees is clicking and it appears it will keep clicking for at elast the next couple of years.

#7 Jay Cutler/#8 Matt Ryan: This is an interesting spot.  If there was more than one season to go by and more of a need to pass may have went with Ryan over Cutler here.  Both have a decent running game and should in coming seasons.  Ryan has by far the better group catching the ball but unless they are in a shootout in one of the two games with the Saints may run the ball more.  This will require further debate… VOTE ON WHO YOU WOULD TAKE HERE!

#12 Kurt Warner: What?!?  Kurt Warner way down here?  What a steal, huh?  Well, you have to consider if you want a QB in your dynasty league who may be retired in the next year or two as your top gun.  If you take Warner as your top QB you better spend another pick earlier than usual to have a good prospect behind him.  There are some that would put this too high for Warner but you do want to win right away too, right?

#18 Matt Cassel:  Something just doesn’t sit right with me for Cassel.  I think it’s because he was in a position last season with a lot of talent around him that he will not have in Kansas City.  He very well could prove me wrong.  For now I need a little more proof.  He will fit in as a nice #2 Dynasty QB on your squad.  After about halfway through 2009 you may know what you really have in him.

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A Community just for Football Fans…

Just in time for the 2008 Football season Football Jabber has added The Locker Room Community.  Think MySpace for the football fan!  From the NFL Draft all the way to the Super Bowl…

Win Your Favorite Team’s T-Shirt!

Can you believe that we are only a little over a month from the start of the 2008 NFL Season?  It seems just like yesterday David Tyree was pulling down that catch in the Super Bowl and we just found out where Darren McFadden was landing in the NFL Draft.  So let’s get this thing going!  Football Jabber is going to give you a chance to win a t-Shirt of the NFL or NCAA team of your choice!

All you have to do is register at the Football Jabber forums, throw down some posts and your entered for the drawing that will be held on kickoff weekend.  There are a couple different ways to win, go to the Football Jabber Forums for more details!

The Jabber Forums are still pretty new and we are going to try and get it fired up for the season.  We have Fantasy Football, NFL, NCAA, and general whatever you want to Jabber about forums.  Get in there!

If you want to shop around for some of your team’s gear check out the Football Jabber Fanshop!

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Football Jabber 3 Round NFL Mick Draft Updated

3 Round NFL Mock Draft Updated

NFL Draft, National Football League Comments (2)

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The Football Jabber Three Round NFL Mock Draft has been updated. There has been quite a bit of movement with all of the Free Agency activity. Sink your choppers in as the wait for the 2008 NFL Draft enters it’s final month!

Round One | Round Two | Round Three
Round 1

#1 Miami – QB Matt Ryan

Do I think this is the best choice for the rebuilding Dolphins? No. But the fact of the matter is that Ryan is the most NFL-ready QB available for the Dolphins who are desperate for playmakers on the both sides of the ball. Parcells isn’t a stranger to drafting a QB 1.01 and I think the hype gets to him. I still believe that the Dolphins best course of action is to trade down.

#2 St. Louis – DE Chris Long

It isn’t a well kept secret that St. Louis is enamoured with Chris Long. Drating a defensive end would allow Adam Carriker to have a home position and would also take some pressure off of Leonard Little.

#3 Atlanta – OT Jake Long

Atlanta has signed a whole schwack of defensive tackles through free agency. I doubt they waste time to bring in these guys if Dorsey or Ellis is the pick. Gandy and Weiner aren’t getting any younger and both experienced injury-problems last year. Head Coach Mike Smith is a power running guy; offensive tackle serves his purposes.

#4 Oakland – RB Darren McFadden

Crazy Al Davis strikes again! Hurry, hurry, hurry; all cap space for the next four years must go! No guaranteed money deals refused! Despite having Echemandu, Justin Fargas, Mike Bush, LaMont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes on the roster, I fully expect Oakland to draft McFadden. Davis loves offensive playmakers with speed and DMac fits the bill perfectly. Look for LaMont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes to be given their walking papers if this happens.

#5 Kansas City – DT Sedrick Ellis

The Chiefs get put in a tough spot at 1.05. Do you reach for Clady or Otah? Or do you draft one of the falling blue chip tackle prospects? The Chiefs can’t resist pulling the trigger on Ellis; the lesser talented but much more durable tackle prospect. A trade down would better suit the Chiefs in this situation so they could draft a Chris Williams or Jeff Otah, but I don’t think they find a buyer.

#6 New York Jets – DE/OLB Vernon Gholston

The Jets remain thrilled that Gholston slips to them at 6. Despite signing Calvin Pace, Gholston is still a huge upgrade for the team as their pass rush was abyssmal last year. Gholston would most definitely play with his hand up for the Jets.

#7 New England (from San Francisco) – CB Leodis McKelvin

Despite what Dallas’ leaked cornerback draft board would have you believe, I think Leodis McKelvin leaves the board first to the Patriots who need to replace two cornerbacks lost in free agency. McKelvin adds return skills to the mix as well as good coverage abilities.

#8 Baltimore – OT Ryan Clady

Baltimore has been advised to treat this year as if Pro Bowl tackle Johnathan Ogden will not be returning. Heeding that advice Head Coach Harbaugh drafts his replacement in Ryan Clady. Clady is a fluid tackle who always seems to be in position. The Ravens will continue to lean on their running game this year and Clady is a solid choice to ensure it keeps rolling.

#9 Cincinnati – DT Glenn Dorsey

Dorsey slips to 9 amongst injury concerns swirling around him. Even with the phantom injuries appearing out of nowhere, Dorsey at 9 is too much to pass up. The Bengals failed to pick up a defensive tackle via trade this offseason so Dorsey fill sin nicely here.

#10 New Orleans – OLB Keith Rivers

New Orleans complete sits reconstruction of the linebacking corps with the drafting of Rivers. Rivers would likely take the job of current strong side linebacker Scott Fujita. Alongside newly acquired MLB Johnathan Vilma, the Saints instantly gain some credibility on defense.

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