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Some Fantasy Football Tips You May Have Missed

Football Jabber Fantasy Football TipsCan you feel it?  That’s right folks…our first pre-season game is this weekend!  Many a Fantasy Football Joe are just getting things fired up in their fantasy draft prep.  We have been going all offseason though so I thought I would post some of our articles that you may have missed during your hibernation.

We have done a few things on helping you save time while managing a fantasy team and giving you a step up on the other guys in the league.  Dominate With RSS Subscribing.  Check out what Symbalo can do for  fantasy management.

We found some alarming results when we dug into the Triplets vs. Stud RB fantasy football drafting theories.  So much that we had to do a follow up throwing best available into the mix.

Are you new to leagues using Individual Defensive Players and wonder how they stack up to Offensive players?  Check out the IPD Scoring and Comparision.  You can also check out the basics on playing in IDP leagues HERE.

The scariest thing about going into your first Auction league is knowing what the hell to do.  We scratched up all kinds of tips for you in our Fantasy Football Auction Prep.

In these days of RBBC you need to know who is getting the rock and how has to share.  We ranked how all the teams stacked up based on how they shared the carries in the Fantasy Running Back Average Carries Compared to Carries Lost.

Need to know where to hold that money till the end of the season?  This place will even send owners who have not paid nagging emails!

We did a very detailed tutorial on setting up your Dynasty league.  This can be applied whether your using Team D or adding IDP players.  This has been very popular.  I was getting so many emails I went ahead and posted where the rules for the leagues it was based on were located.

Part 1
Get your owners, Cost/Payout, Where to host your league
Part 2
Appoint a Commish, Communication, Rulebook
Part 3
Rulebook contents
Part 4
Franchise Ownership, Tanking, League Currency
Part 5
Using IDP or Team D/ST, Lineups, Roster Size, Developmental Taxi Squad
Part 6
Filling Rosters, Determining Draft Order, Rookie Draft, Vet Draft
Part 7
Roster Management, Contracts, Injured Reserve
Part 8
Free Agency/Waivers
Part 9
Restricted Free Agency, Franchise Tags

If you have a Dynasty or Keeper league that your looking to add some expansion teams to, check out Expanding Your Fantasy Football Dynasty League to see how.

You like the Podcasts?  Football Jabber joined forces with The Fantasy Football Goat for some Podcasts this offseason in the Fantasy Football News and Advice Show.  give some of them a listen as some of the tips in there still stand true.  This thing will be getting fired up again here soon so make sure you subscribe!

We also added some new forums.  Go hang out, join some leagues, talk fantasy football, get start/sit/trade advice from the knowledgable members, vote on some babes…win a t-shirt of your favorite teams!  Go to the Football Jabber Forums and register NOW!

Check out the Fantasy Football Related Video we find on the net on our Video Wall.

NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 QB’s

NFL Draft Prospects | Top 10 QB’s

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The interesting thing about this year’s draft class actually has nothing to do with this year. Scouts have lamented over the weakness of the quarterbacks coming out in next year’s draft; artificially inflating the value of this year’s offering. Don’t be surprised to see a QB get taken by a team you didn’t expect. Also, you might see some teams reaching for QBs and mining for gold with late round fliers.

#1 Matt Ryan, Boston College

Many feel he is the most NFL ready of all quarterbacks entering the draft. While I would agree, I don’t believe he is worthy of the top 5 selection he will likely command. Ryan’s pocket presence is by far the best in class but he tends to make poor decisions and force the ball on occasion. That being said, Ryan has the ability to make all of the throws necessary to be a solid NFL starter. Easily the best quarterback available, I’d be surprised if he gets by Atlanta at #3.

#2 Brian Brohm, Louisville

Injuries and poor play late in the season knocked Brohm out from the consensus number 1 QB spot. Brohm is talented enough to make throws many NFL QBs have difficulty making and if given time, he will destroy a defense in ways few can. However, he has difficulty escaping pressure and rarely is able to create outside of the pocket. I think the system of the team Brohm is drafted into will have much to say about his career in the NFL.

#3 Chad Henne, Michigan

I think Chad has done too much to not be considered a top 3 selection this year. His leadership and intangibles are rivaled only by Matt Ryan. He put up an excellent senior bowl and combine. Chad can consistently evade the pass rush and buy extra seconds to make a play. His arm is strong and his throws are accurate. Henne will become a solid starter in the NFL.

#4 Andre Woodson, Kentucky

A poor senior bowl and an injury keeping him out of the combine explain Woodson’s fall. His season at the helm of Kentucky was one to gawk at but questions of consistency and football IQ crept into the fold. However, when healthy, Woodson’s physical tools cannot be questioned. A bit of a project, Woodson should serve a patient team very well.

#5 Joe Flacco, Delaware

Flacco is a bit of an enigma. His size and arm strength are tops in the class but his accuracy and feel for the pocket are sketchy at best. Flacco will be drafted by the third based on physical tools alone but between the quality of his competition and the system run by Delaware, physical tools may be the few things Flacco has over other QBs in the draft. Expect a team looking for a high upside QB like Carolina or Minnesota take a flier on him hoping to strike gold.

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3 Round Mock Draft at Football Jabber

 Here is the Top Ten.  The Rest of it can be found HERE

Round One
#1 DolphinsChris Long, DE, Virginia

Long becomes the anchor end for the Tuna’s new 3-4 defense. Although many may argue that Dorsey was the more worthy 1.01 choice, Dorsey would not make a good 3-4 NT. Thus the choice is Long.

#2 RamsGlenn Dorsey, DT, LSU

The Rams happily snap up Dorsey facilitating last year’s 1st round pick Adam Carriker to play more end. The Rams defensive line will be feared if Dorsey is the choice and Leonard Little can stay healthy.

#3 FalconsDarren McFadden, RB, Arkansas

The Falcons take the best player available and gamble that they will be able to grab a decent signal-caller later in the draft. With an aging Warrick Dunn and unproven Jerious Norwood as the components of a lackluster RBBC, Atlanta needs more of a power back than rookie Jason Snelling can provide. McFadden gives them a solid thunder and lightning running attack.

#4 RaidersSedrick Ellis, DT, USC

The Raiders take Sedrick Ellis to shore up their poor run defense. Ellis have been skyrocketing up the top 100 charts lately and one needs look no farther than his performance at the Senior bowl to find out why. Ellis will make an impact on a heavily regressing Raider defense.

#5 Chiefs - Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College

Word on the street is that Carl Peterson is feeling a bit of man-love for the BC pivot. Dwayne Bowe proved to be a pleasant surprise for the Chiefs last year and Peterson make look to grab a first round QB to get him the ball more often.

#6 JetsJake Long, OT, Michigan

The Jets grab Jake Long, the best offensive tackle prospect in the draft to bookend D’Brickashaw Ferguson. If Long pans out, the Jets may have one of the better offensive lines in the league for years to come.

#7 PatriotsVernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State

The Pats select Gholston to infuse some youth into their aging linebacker corps. Gholston will likely be moved to WOLB and I am betting that Adalius Thomas moves inside more often. Not that the Pats LB are ever stagnant anyways. This move is made in anticipation for the eventual retirement of Junior Seau and Tedi Bruschi.

#8 RavensRyan Clady, OT, Boise State

Rumor has it that Johnathan Ogden will call it a career after this year. If that is the case, expect the Ravens to select Ryan Clady here. Clady has all of the makings of a franchise tackle and will be able to step in and take over for the former pro bowler, Ogden.

#9 Bengals – Keith Rivers, OLB, USC

The Bengals hand is forced to select a linebacker as injuries, suspensions and poor play had them signing guys off of the street last year. With lone bright spot Landon Johnson likely to leave via free agency and Odell Thurman expected to return to the team, the Bengals go with Keith Rivers as a more natural OLB fit to Lewis’ defensive scheme.

#10 SaintsKenny Phillips, FS, Miami

The Saints are forced to upgrade a terrible secondary that was repeated torched throughout the season. It’s too early to cut bait with Jason David despite his poor play at CB last year so the Saints select Kenny Phillips to replace Josh Bullocks. Phillips’ good coverage skills will allow Roman Harper to play more in the box.

Football Jabber NFL Mock Draft 1.0

The first NFL Mock Draft for Football Jabber is up…

Football Jabber Mock Draft 1.0

by TJ Ford

*Order subject to change based on playoff finish.

#1- Glenn Dorsey, DT, LSU
The Fins will be forced to address their defensive line as they ranked dead last in rushing yards allowed. Dorsey has been the game-changing type of tackle this year and will instantly make an impact on the Miami line.

#2- Jake Long, OT, Michigan
This year’s edition of the Rams showed everyone how easily a great offense can crumble without good offensive lineman. Orlando Pace is getting long in the tooth and St. Louis would be wise to pick up a new franchise tackle.

#3- Matt Ryan, QB, Boston College
The Falcons will be desperate to rebuild their shattered franchise after a horrible year. I don’t believe that Ryan is worth a 1.03-1.05 type of pick but the Falcons need a quarterback badly and this year’s QB class doesn’t offer the second round type of talent (Kolb, Stanton, Beck etc.) that last year’s class had. After Ryan, Brohm and Woodson, Atlanta may have to wait until the 4th round to get proper value in a remaining QB to warrant a pick. And with many teams, including the Ravens and Bears, heavily in the market for a signal caller as well, the Falcons won’t gamble with their pick, and will take the best QB available, Matt Ryan.

#4- Chris Long, DE, Virginia
I can honestly see the Raiders trading up to land Glenn Dorsey to shore up their own rush defense woes with Chris Long becoming a cornerstone for a new Miami 3-4 but for now, Oakland takes Long to improve a terrible pass rush and a defense that has taken a big step back from last year. The Raiders believe in Mike Bush and do not select McFadden.

#5- Sam Baker, OT, USC
The Chiefs need to protect their young quarterback better than their poor effort last year. The Chiefs gave up over 50 sacks last year and will need to give Brodie Croyle more time in order for them to be successful. Kansas City makes the first reach ala Levi Brown of last year to get Baker at 1.05.

# 6- Darren McFadden, RB, Arkansas
The Jets should go defensive line here as the Jets were not the best defensive team last year but I believe that Mangini likes the defensive personnel that he has currently. I look for the Jets to trade Johnathan Vilma use the pick coming back to get defense later in the draft. McFadden proves too much for Mangini to pass up and the RBBC waters in New York get murkier.

#7 (fr/49?ers) Patriots – Vernon Gholston, DE/OLB, Ohio State
The perfect Patriots linebacker. Gholston can stand up, is dynamite for pass rush and can tackle well. Belicheck drafts Gholston to get some young blood into his severely aging LB corps. Don’t count out the trade possibility also, the Pats always manage to do something.

#8- Andre Woodson, QB, Kentucky
The Ravens are another team desperate for a quarterback. McNair and Boller are not the answer and Brian Billick’s firing will likely mean that the pick here will be a new franchise QB. Woodson’s physical abilities will be necessary to buy time for a weak receiving corps to get open.

#9- James Laurinaitis, LB, Ohio State
Laurinaitis gives Cincinnati the playmaker that they need to help out a badly depleted linebacker unit. His mean streak and leadership will make him the cornerstone of a rebuilt Bengal defense.

#10- Kenny Phillips, FS, Miami
The Saints are forced to upgrade a terrible secondary that was repeated torched throughout the season. It’s too early to cut bait with Jason David despite his poor play at CB last year so the Saints select Kenny Phillips to replace Josh Bullocks. Phillips’ good coverage skills will allow Roman Harper to play more in the box.



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